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  • Windows IIS Hosting server v5.0-6.0
  • ADO and Support for Access Database
  • "File System Object" support on server
  • Support for ASP.NET v1.1 or 2.0
Supported Languages:
English   - Default
Russian   - Translated by Author
Danish - Thanks to FJ
Bosnian - Thanks to Amel 
Norwegian - Thanks to Amel
Vietnamese - Thanks to Khiem Tran
Turkish - Thanks to Sinan
Nederland-Dutch - Thanks to Peter
French - Thanks to Peter
Spanish - Thanks to Hector
Italian - Thanks to Enzo


GA's Guest Book v2.5 is distributed as FREE application and is FULLY functional. Software may be downloaded, installed and tried for an unlimited period of time on web site preserving copyright information.
Please see License Agreement.

~ Download GA's GuestBook v2.5~

  • MS Access Database
  • True Multilingual Support
  • Virtual Designer
  • Gradient Image Builder
  • Much more...
  • Released: 08.12.2007

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